Thank you.

Hello ELITE SENSEI Customers,
Thank you for choosing us to help with your English goals throughout the years.

Unfortunately, we regret to announce that as of August 1, 2019 ELITE SENSEI will be closing and all lessons finish. We appreciate your support and the confidence you placed in us over the years.

Please feel free to express your gratitude to your teachers and we wish everyone luck in continuing their goal of speaking English.

Jerry Hanus

Isaac Guetersloh
Associate Director

Tea-Time English

インターナショナルスクールに通われているお子様をお持ちの保護者様、ELITE SENSEIとティータイムを楽しみながらインターナショナルスクールでの経験や様々な質問を保護者様同士でシェアしてみませんか♪

Student Private Lessons

ELITE SENSEI’s custom English acquisition program utilizes a combination of text and video media sources, authentic language immersion, as well as academic skill building to provide an effective program that caters to helping younger language learners to build their English skills.